How does Pick-Up work?

With the pick-up option you are able to easily pick up your order at your own convenience between the hours of 9AM - 10PM. We'll even email you when your order is ready!

Do you Deliver?

Currently we are not offering Delivery. You are able to pick up your order in Wellesley, visit one of our Stockists or choose Shipping for Ontario Wide Shipping at checkout. 

Is there Corn, Nuts or any other possible allergens in the Marshmallows?

Our Marshmallows contain Corn products (Syrup & Starch)

Our Marshmallows may contain or come into contain with Peanuts and/or Tree Nuts

Even though our Marshmallows are Gluten Free, they are produced in a facility where flour is used for other products.

We cannot say 100% that our marshmallows do not contain something you may be allergic too, so we think it's best that if you are not sure, to just reach out and ask!